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Bohemian Rattan is part of CV. Ruang Inspirasi Indonesia (RII).

Our company mainly produces natural rattan furniture, wooden furniture and home decor products in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
We are constantly developing new rattan furniture designs. Prioritizing quality at a reasonable price.


About Us

Why Rattan

Indonesia has majority (80%) of rattan population in the world, and the material is eco-friendly as it can grow on various environment, without damaging surrounding ecosystem. It is strong, flexible yet sustainable

Custom Rattan Product

Tell us what kind of rattan product and design you want. Our designers will manage it for you


Talented Rattan Craftmen

In order to produce quality items, we are proud to have developed a team of the most talented rattan craftsmen in Indonesia who meticulously create our quality products.

Reasonable Price

We strive to maintain long-term, mutually beneficial, relationships with our customers.

Tell us what you need

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Why Us?

Handmade Harmonization

Every pieces of our rattan product are combination of local natural materials, local Indonesia cultures with handmade of local Indonesia people

Tested in Prototype

Every new product has been conceived, researched, tested in prototype and made it through all the hurdles of the process. Also through strict quality control

Various Rattan Products

Our collections range from garden furniture, furniture for all interior areas including living room (rattan coffee table, rattan chair, rattan couch, rattan sofa, etc) , dining room, bedroom, to wardrobes, spa, accessories, and many more

Guaranteed Quality

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Sustainability Product

Rattan regrows in just 5-7 years making it one of the most renewable resources. Rattan furniture can be recycled. As it is a natural material it will eventually biodegrade.

Retail or Wholesale

We can furnish hotel project, home project for wholesaler and also retailer from all around the world

Our Product

Rattan Material
Rattan Furniture
Rattan Home Decor